So, 4 million on the streets in France today. Charlie Hebdo’s 1 million issue will sell out. Absolute stacks of people thus end up supporting a paper which most of themĀ  (well, apart from around 50,000) rightly wouldn’t have had any time for a few days ago.

14 years ago, Al Queda managed to hit the USA on a nerve by attacking the World Trade Centre. I could argue that there followed a major over-reaction which served the interests of Al Quaeda in polarising the world, and bringing all-out conflict closer. Osama was probably delighted beyond measure.

France’s nerve is her intellectuals, her edgy satirists, and they’ve been attacked now. OK, so I’m a cynic, but I fancy the reaction so far may please the terrorist puppet-masters in Syria (or Yemen, or wherever) thoroughly. Please let it stop at a mass demonstration and a sellout mega-issue of this rag, and not escalate further.

That is my final prayer for today. Peace. Salaam. Shalom. Paix. Ca suffit, hein?

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